December sessions

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Andy De Vale 

Business Visualisation and Sketchnoting

Andy will be creating large scale, live drawings that capture our talks, panels, speakers and feedback throughout the day so that we have unique, creative memories of our December event and all the wonderful people that helped make it happen. 


Have you ever fancied turning your co-workers into laboratory rats and have them scurry around a maze searching for food whilst you ring a bell and the office cat slavers at the mouth?


No? Okay, well we weren't going to tell you how to do that anyway!


What we will share is how to embed a culture of ongoing experimentation that enables your team to learn and adopt new technologies, techniques, and processes - whilst also achieving current objectives.


No animals were harmed in the creation of this workshop.

Workshop - 'How to be an Evil Scientist'

Armakuni team

Ben 2019-2.jpg

Do people in your organisation know what is slowing down their lead times? Do your teams understand why sometimes it is better to do nothing than to work?

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to deliver a highly interactive 1 hour learning session for 6 to 18 people yourself. Participants will learn key principles of flow while having fun by making paper boats. They will teach themselves (with your help) about lead time, work in progress, throughput, expedites and local optimisation.

Ben Nicholls 

Workshop - 'Flow, Flow, Flow Your Boat'


Billie Thompson

Workshop - 'How to Have a Conversation'  

To quote Mike Cohn, stories 'serve as placeholders for conversations.' 


Despite this being a well known idea, everyone has had at least one experience of a badly defined story leading to the wrong thing being built.


In this workshop I will give you a framework to make those placeholders become conversations that are learning experiences that lead to great features.


We will cover running refinement sessions using the Three Amigos style: 

  • Starting with a description of that that is anyway (Gotta start somewhere).

  • Lightweight psychology of people in teams (Amigos means friends, how do you get to that).

  • Activities to keep your refinement sessions fresh (there are three quizillion retro formats, why should retros be the only fun thing?)

  • How to feed that outcome back into your backlog. (We've learned something - and we need it to stay learned).


We'll be trying out some of the activities, and (time dependant) we will run a fish bowl on your specific problems.

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Session details TBC

Carole Rennie Logan 

Talk - Title TBC


Stuart Young 

How can you create an environment where all members of a team feel safe to be creative? The best ideas come from embracing group diversity, not silo thinking. I will demonstrate how everyone has the ability to visualise their ideas and how you can welcome the judgement, preferences, and beliefs of all individuals within a working group. Expect high levels of audience participation, collaboration and pen action.

Talk - 'Drawn Together: Embracing diversity of thought and convergent thinking through visualisation'


Deborah Wren

Story-sharing is not a new phenomenon... it predates writing and over the centuries it has enabled us to make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others.


Sharing content and information builds social connectedness and enables greater levels of problem solving and ideation. At the heart of story-sharing is an exchange of information which enables us to learn, build, inspect and adapt. This session will explore how we can inspire greater levels of story sharing as a driver of collaboration and exploit the richness of techniques such as improvisation to enrich our agile ways of working within and across teams and to build products that delight and engage our customers.

Debbie Wren

Talk - 'Creating 'Awesomeness' Through The Magic of Story Sharing'

gojko-adzic (1).jpg

After the agile community solved how to do programming, testing, release and product management, the hot topic for our industry today seems to be scaling.


In an ironic twist for a movement started with ‘people over process’, big consultancies today sell scaling models based on everything from tribes to witchcraft, offering to make agile disciplined and safe. Gojko will help you cut through all the mess and separate out signal from noise.

Talk - 'Descaling Agile'

Gojko Adzic


Sustainably is a brand new fintech for social good startup that’s using open banking to revolutionise the way we give to charity. 


In this session, we’ll look at how we overcame various challenges by using design systems, user testing and agile methodology to launch the product at pace, and with a limited budget, whilst still keeping the user at the heart.

Jenny and Patrick Bjorkman

Talk - 'A Peek Inside a Fintech for Social Good Startup'




Joanna Koprowicz

Talk - Title TBC

Session details TBC


Hilary Brownlie

Design thinking; you have probably tried it, do it or know someone who does.


It has its origins in the 1960’s and had a resurgence in the 00’s. It has become a commodity, with many models and methodologies to choose from. How can we make design thinking EVEN better? With some small tweaks…

Talk - 'Design Thinking in 2020'

Sean pic.jpg

Leena Haque and Sean Gilroy

Neurodiversity is a relatively new term and focuses on the

positive attributes associated with hidden disabilities such as

autism spectrum conditions, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia,

dyscalculia, Tourette’s and learning disabilities.


In this talk, Sean and Leena explain that it's not what you think but

how you think that provides new perspectives and more creative

solutions and innovations. Hear about the huge amount of

untapped potential being overlooked by society in general,

become part of a neurodivergent mind and discover how

differently wired brains interact with their environment and the

world around us.

Talk - 'Exploring New Perspectives'

With customer expectation changing rapidly and an increasing demand for better digital products and services organisations need to find new ways to work and organize to be able to deliver customer value more frequently. To manage this, there is need for change in mindset in management and strategic leadership decisions. This seminar is directed to curious leaders who want to support customer focus.

Mia will walk us through trends and strategies in how to organise and lead customer-focused product organisations in a way to make use of the brain power in cross-functional and autonomous teams to deliver products and services that users love. Mia will also show models for how organisations can work in a structured way with innovation and customer focus to choose to become a shark and not a snail, and real examples of transformations in different type of businesses and organisations.

Talk - 'Customer Focus and an Agile Mindset to Handle Complexity' 

Mia Kolmodin

Workshop - Title TBC

Session details TBC


Session details TBC

Talk - Title TBC

Ross McCulloch


Seb Rose

User stories are one of the most visible artefacts of most agile methods and have generated large quantities of expert advice. In my experience, much of that advice is often misinterpreted.


In this session, we'll explore several classic pieces of advice, to see how misunderstandings can lead to bad outcomes, despite the best of intentions.


The advice we’ll look at relates to:


  • an acronym: INVEST, created by Bill Wake

  • a technique: relative estimation (as used in Planning Poker, created by James Grenning)

  • a template: Connextra (As-A/I-Want/So-That), created by Rachel Davies


You'll leave with a clearer appreciation of user stories and an understanding of just how context-sensitive most advice is.

User Stories: From Good Intentions to Bad Outcomes