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About Agile Scotland

Agile Scotland exists to facilitate collaborative learning within and beyond our community. Our ambition is to be the go-to platform for cross industry social learning, worldwide.

What are communities of practice?

Communities of Practice are groups of practitioners who meet regularly to resolve issues, improve their skills and learn from each other’s experiences in order to build better practice.

What are learning networks?

Learning networks are the intersection of people, technology and events, with the goal of facilitating learning 

as a collective. These networks foster learning opportunities between professionals within and across industries, organisations, teams, communities and individuals who have shared objectives. 

Learning networks break down silos to build capabilities and accelerate learning inside and outside of organisation, providing rich, social learning experiences.

Agile Scotland provides a platform for our communities to connect, to create a global network of learning

Social learning at this scale can only be effective if we harness the power of our individual identities, industries and most importantly, our differences.


We expect Agile Scotland participants to be committed to respectful curiosity, to be open minded, and have a positive, inclusive attitude towards those who are not like them at all of our events. This is integral to our learning strategy.

We value equity of opportunity, actively seeking contributions from individuals and groups regardless of industry or level of experience. 

Our ticket prices help cover event costs, increase our allocation of free community tickets to improve diversity, and enable us to make ongoing charity contributions. 

Our sponsors

We rely on sponsorship to make Agile Scotland happen.

We are thankful to be supported by fantastic associate organisers across different organisations, groups, and communities.

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