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Code of Conduct

At Agile Scotland, we believe that our different identities are what make us powerful as a community.   At our events, when you book your ticket, we expect you to be committed to respectful curiosity, open minded participation and a positive, inclusive attitude towards those who are not like you.  


There is a safe place at Agile Scotland for everyone, regardless of, but not limited to:  


  • gender

  • gender identity

  • sexual orientation

  • disability

  • physical appearance

  • body size

  • race

  • age

  • religion

  • level of experience or job title  


Any behaviour that doesn’t adhere to this, will result in you being removed from the event and all future events, without exception.  


Our community asks that in the interest of open and honest participation, you:  

  • do not push your own services, products or personal interests on anyone

  • have empathy and tolerance for people who may not share your views and understand how your views might impact other people

  • call out any inappropriate behaviour, and feel comfortable doing so, knowing that you will be supported by your community and its organisers at all times  

We believe people can learn to respect each other. That’s why we are committed to educating everyone about these issues and aim to do so with our events, speakers and themes.  


Our community not only celebrates, but actively promotes a world that is truly safe and fair for every identity. If you don’t share this view, we ask that you do not attend Agile Scotland events.    


If you experience or witness anything that you feel does not uphold this please get in touch on Twitter: ​​​​​


Jo Ogilvie (@j0gilvie)

Kevin Austin (@kev_austin)


Or send us an email (​

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